Vintage Movies

The Housekeeper's Daughter (1939)
Night Must Fall (1937)
A Night to Remember (1943)
I Love a Mystery (1945)
The Time of Their Lives (1946)
To Kill a Mockingbird (1962)
Johnny Belinda (1948)
The Fuller Brush Girl (1950)
Star of Midnight (1935)
The Spiral Staircase (1946)
The Tall Target (1951)
The Ex-Mrs. Bradford (1936)
The Plot Thickens (1936)
I Was a Male War Bride (1949)
Portrait of Jenny (1948)
Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948)

Margie ( 1946)

Escape in the Fog (1945)

Both Sandi and Chris have a passion for old movies, so on their behalf I've added this Vintage Movie page. Check back from time to time for different films. (To be updated soon.)

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Whistling in Dixie (1942) starring Red Skelton and Ann Rutherford is a sequel to Whistling in the Dark, and it's delightful. Wally Benton (Red Skelton), stars as The Fox on a radio mystery show. About to marry his girlfriend, Carol (Ann Rutherford), he has to put the wedding plans on hold to help his soon-to-be-wife go to the aid of a former school friend who believes her boyfriend was murdered. From a southern mansion to hidden gold and a spooky old fort, this movie has it all. Get out the popcorn and prepare for something to lighten your day.

Stranger on the Third Floor (1940) starring John McGuire, Margaret Tallichet and Peter Lorre is considered the first film noir movie. Reporter Michael Ward (John McGuire) is the key witness in a murder trial but has second thoughts and begins a search for the real killer. When his neighbor is murdered and he finds the body, all bets are off and he becomes the main suspect. His fiance, Jane (Margaret Tallichet) searches for the true killer. Could it be the strange man (Peter Lorre) who keeps popping up? Once again, grab the popcorn and be prepared to be entertained.

Nancy Drew...Reporter (1939) stars Bonita Granville and Frankie Thomas. Nancy (Bonita Granville), after winning a contest at the local newspaper, must prove a friend innocent of murder after a woman is poisoned. Along comes her friend, Ted (Frankie Thomas) to help in the investigation. Fun stuff in this one.

Movies Previously Showcased on the Vintage Movie Page. I'd probably watch them again.

The African Queen (1951)
The Ghost Breakers (1940)
Eyes in the Night (1942)
The Mad Miss Manton (1938)
Arsenic & Old Lace (1944)
Topper Returns (1941)
Gaslight (1944)
The Ghost & Mrs. Muir (1947)
Nocturn (1946)
Mystery of Mr. X (1934)
The Egg & I (1947)
The Hound of the Baskervilles (1939)
Rebecca (1940)
The Blue Dahlia (1946)
Conflict (1945)
Mrs. Pollifax - Spy (1971)
Fingers at the Window (1942)
Haunted Honeymoon (1940)