Photo Page

I enjoy taking photographs and, consequently, my camera goes just about everywhere with me. This update includes pictures I've taken and used on book covers.

The Sandi Webster series has a new addition, a Chiweenie named Clementine. This is the real life Clementine. A friend, Dori Pendergrass, painted the cover for Gin Mill Grill for me and used Clementine as a model

The Bogey Man Mysteries include two yellow Labs, Sherlock and Watson. This is the Watson, and her real name is Sugar.

This is Sherlock and his real name is Murphy. Many of the antics of the two dogs in the books are based of the antics of the real life dogs.

While there is no real life Sandi Webster, there is a real life Marja McGraw (minus any new wrinkles). This is said mystery writer.

If you were to visit Marja McGraw's website at, this is the first thing you'd see. Oh! You're on the website now.

Would I forget Bubba? Never. In the Sandi Webster mysteries, she talks a lot about Bubba and his scary grin. This is the real Bubba. I had to "talk" him into lying on his back so I could scratch his belly before I could get a picture of his smile. He did NOT like cameras.

I don't know about you, but me and my camera are having a great time!