Marja McGraw

I enjoy taking photographs and, consequently, my camera goes just about everywhere with me. This update includes pictures I've taken and used on book covers.

Photo Page


This is the Red Admiral butterfly that dive bombed me several times before landing so I could get a picture of him. I used him on "Black Butterfly - A Bogey Man Mystery."

This is the real Bubba. Unfortunately, I only have three pictures of him, so this one gets used repeatedly. The latest book where he was used on the cover was "What Are the Odds - A Sandi Webster Mystery."

This is an old deserted house in Nevada, used on the cover of "Old Murders Never Die - A Sandi Webster Mystery". It's a copy of a copy of a copy, so it's not quite as clear as I'd like.

These dogs are Sugar and Murphy who play Sherlock and Watson in the Bogey Man series. When you use a little roast beef, you can pretty much get them to pose any way you want them. In this case they were supposed to be sniffing the floor of a basement in "Bogey Nights - A Bogey Man Mystery." The edited photo was used in the book trailer for the book. You can watch it on The Books page.

My antique phone and trunk make up part of the cover on "Choosing One Moment -

A Time Travel Mystery." You never know when you'll find things around the house that are perfect for a book cover.

This is most of the cover for "Entrance to Nowhere - A Sandi Webster Mystery" and it's located around the corner and down the street from where I used to live. I couldn't have asked for a better cover.

This might look like merely a bunch of trees, but it serves for the background on the cover for "Having a Great Crime - Wish You Were Here - A Sandi Webster Mystery." This area is right down the street from where I used to live.

I don't know about you, but me and my camera are having a great time!