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Marja McGraw
NEW – Entrance to Nowhere - A Sandi Webster Mystery

Mystery Writer, Marja McGraw, writes mysteries which are light reading with a little humor.

McGraw writes two series, one involving a young, female private investigator named Sandi Webster, and one featuring a dead ringer for Humphrey Bogart named Chris Cross. The books are light with a touch of humor. Asked why she chose this type of story, McGraw said she wants to entertain her readers, and she feels humor is the way to go. “While there’s nothing funny about murder, you can find humor in the people solving the crime and the situations they become involved in. I’m hoping readers will find the Sandi Webster series and the Bogey Man mysteries to be a memorable experience.”

Born and raised in Southern California, Marja worked in both criminal and civil law enforcement and calls on her experience when writing.  She eventually relocated to Northern Nevada where she worked for the Nevada Department of Transportation.  Marja also lived in Oregon where she worked for the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office and owned her own business. She briefly spent time in Wasilla, Alaska.

McGraw now lives in Washington, and she says she enjoys life in a quaint, small town. "Battle Ground has really become home, and it inspired the fictional location for Choosing One Moment – A Time Travel Mystery, and the real location for a fictional story, Having a Great Crime - Wish You Were Here - A Sandi Webster Mystery."

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