Do you get the feeling Murphy wants some of that lasagna?

This is Moonbeam, a little goat who was nervous about meeting someone new. She finally decided I must be okay.

Anyone who knows me knows I love chocolate. What a treat this day turned out to be.

"Help! We're being held prisoner in a garage." Nah, they love to watch the world go by from their favorite spot in the garage.

Where do Chiweenies go when it thunders? Under the recliner, of course. (A Chiweenie is half Chihuahua and half Dachshund.)

Tulip Festival in Woodland, Washington

Photo Page

Marja McGraw

I enjoy taking photographs and, consequently, my camera goes just about everywhere with me. This update includes all kinds of photos instead of having a theme. (Sometimes I put up historical photos that I didn't take, obviously.) This time the pictures are just for fun.