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The Books

For your convenience, I've added a list of the books so you can read them in order if you'd like; however, I've written these stories so that they can be read in any order without confusion.

Sandi Webster Mysteries
#1 - A Well-Kept Family Secret
#2 - Bubba's Ghost
#3 - Prudy's Back!
#4 - The Bogey Man
#5 - Old Murders Never Die
#6 - Death Comes in Threes
#7 - What Are the Odds?

The Bogey Man Mysteries
#1 - Bogey Nights
#2 - Bogey's Ace in the Hole
#3 - They Call Me Ace
#4 - Awkward Moments
#5 - How Now Purple Cow

Individual Mysteries
Mysteries of Holt House

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From ghost towns to forties-themed restaurants, the Sandi Webster series and the Bogey Man mysteries will take you places and introduce you to people you'll wish were a part of your real life.

Keep scrolling down and you'll find three entertaining book trailers
as well as all of the books.

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How Now Purple Cow - A Bogey Man Mystery

Purple cows and elderly spies have a lot more to do with each other than you might imagine.

When young Mikey Cross discovers ceramic purple cows, a ring, and investigative notes left by a mystery writer popular in the 1950s, his parents’ and grandparents’ lives are turned upside down.

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What Are the Odds - A Sandi Webster Mystery

What are the odds of buying a house with a history to turn into a bed and breakfast, and discovering it’s the house that just keeps giving - and giving, and giving?

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Awkward Moments - A Bogey Man Mystery

What might happen if you tried to bury the body of a small bird, only to find a body already buried in the hole you’ve dug.  And what might happen if another body ended up in the same hole? The Cross family is at it again, just like the amateur sleuths they swear they never meant to be.

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Death Comes in Threes - A Sandi Webster Mystery

P.I. Sandi Webster was instrumental in putting David Smith in prison for murder. What’s he been up to during his prison time? He’s murdered a guard and escaped,
and he’s coming after Sandi.

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Bogey's Ace
in the Hole - A Bogey Man Mystery

Ride along in Chris’s 1950 vintage Chevy with the Church Ladies, his wife Pamela, their son Mikey, and two crazy yellow Labrador retrievers while they try to find not only a potential killer, but the intended victim.

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 Bogey Nights - A Bogey Man Mystery

New Cover for Bogey Nights

You know your day has taken a turn for the worse when you buy a vintage house to convert into a restaurant, and you find a vintage body buried in the basement.

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Old Murders Never Die - A Sandi Webster Mystery

Sandi Webster, private investigator, is in for the adventure of a lifetime when she and her partner, Pete, become stranded in a ghost town inhabited by a mysterious horse-riding cowboy and haunted by some unsolved Old West murders.

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They Call Me Ace - A Bogey Man Mystery

The Bogey Man and his family are gumshoeing their way through life again, looking for a murderer and hidden treasure in the house of a 1950s bestselling mystery writer.

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A Well-Kept Family Secret - A Sandi Webster Mystery

Can Sandi solve a family-related vintage murder (circa 1900)?

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Bubba's Ghost - A Sandi Webster Mystery

Can Sandi save a young widowed mother when she's suspected of killing a bum who's been harassing her? Is there really a ghost in the attic of Sandi's house?

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  The Bogey Man - A Sandi Webster Mystery

Sandi has her hands full this time with a jealous partner, a high profile murder, and a wannabe private eye who's a dead ringer for Humphrey Bogart.


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Prudy's Back! - A Sandi Webster Mystery


Old time P.I. Prudence Lewis wants Sandi to solve the murder she could never come to grips with, a murder which took place during World  War II.

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Mysteries of Holt House

Secret passages, murders and a boarding house full of "interesting" tenants make this a story for an evening of great reading. Kelly Sanders has her head buried in the sand. Time for her to wake up and figure out what's going on in Holt House.

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