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They Call Me Ace
A Bogey Man Mystery

They Call Me Ace, Marja McGraw's latest in her Bogey Man Mystery series is marvelous. Her characters are interesting, deftly drawn, and absolutely delightful. Setting is so important to me enjoying a novel, and Marja takes me right into Bogey Nights--and the oh-so-interesting Turnbal House. This is the kind of mystery you just want to curl up with and be taken away to a place you enjoy visiting--populated with characters you like and want to root for. Bravo, Marja!

                                                                                      M.M. Gornell, Author of the Route 66 Mysteries

Ms. McGraw has outdone herself in They Call Me Ace, her most recent Bogey Man mystery. The book combines an intriguing plot with a cast of characters you will love. Humorous and heartwarming. A top notch mystery!

                                                     Patricia Gligor, author of Mixed Messages and Unfinished Business

I’ve been a fan of Marja McGraw’s Bogey Man Mysteries from the debut of Bogey Nights. She’s kept up the pace and the humor in the latest installment, They Call Me Ace, a fun read that rockets off to a fast start when Pamela’s adjustment to the arrival of her in-laws is complicated by her mother-in-law finding a corpse in an abandoned house. Throw in her Bogart look-alike husband, her precocious son Ace, the two wacky daughters of the author who once owned the spooky place, secret compartments, two yellow labs and a surprise ending, and you’ve got a book that’s sure to win McGraw more fans for this charming series that blends the plotting of Perry Mason with the humor of I Love Lucy.

                                  Mike Orenduff, author of the Pot Thief Mysteries and 2011 Lefty Award winner

Bogey's Ace in the Hole

A Bogey Man Mystery

Marja McGraw has outdone herself with this next adventure with Pamela and her husband, Chris, who is a dead ringer for Humphrey Bogart. Of course their-40s themed restaurant is the setting for much of the goings-on. It all begins with three church ladies who need help finding their missing friend, Addie. It isn’t long before Pamela and her husband are sucked into a madcap mystery involving a hit man, a neighbor with his own problem and agenda, and wild car chases with the church ladies praying their way through the streets of Los Angeles. Things get downright dangerous for everyone including Pamela and Chris’ son Mikey. Highly recommended for all mystery lovers and especially those who love a cast of original characters and snappy dialogue.

                                                                                                        --F. M. Meredith, author of No Bells

In Bogey’s Ace in the Hole, Marja McGraw brings back her Humphrey Bogart lookalike to find a senior citizen from his wife’s church who has disappeared. As Bogey tries to follow the clues he trips over her nosy friends on their knees praying for his success...

...The case isn’t all lights and glamour but dogged police work and a little divine intervention. Marja McGraw’s latest Bogey Man Mystery is the perfect read for long winter nights filled with great characters and a surprise ending worthy of the red carpet treatment.                                                                            --W.S. Gager, author of A Case of Hometown Blues

Old Murders Never Die
A Sandi Webster Mystery

...I loved this book, probably because I've always wanted to find just such a place... with a really interesting mystery that needs to be solved. The township and houses and people felt real to me, and I found myself unable to forget about them even after I finished the book.

An excellent read and highly recommended.

                                                                       --R.P. Dahlke, Author of the Dead Red Mysteries

...McGraw fills her book with vivid descriptions of the strange town and the Arizona countryside that seems to have changed very little in the intervening years.  She manages to bring the long-dead townspeople to life and to make us care about them.  She never allows the suspense to lag and adds her characteristic touch of humor to the story.  Finally, she gives us a moving portrait of a true man of the west.

This is Sandi's fifth adventure and a stellar addition in the Sandi Webster series.

--Dorothy Bodoin, Author of Another Part of the Forest


 A hidden ghost town...unsolved murders over a hundred years old...a mysterious cowboy...all combine to make the latest Sandi Webster mystery a fast-paced, highly entertaining read.  The savvy private investigator from L.A. won't rest until the intriguing mystery is solved. Her gritty determination, coupled with unusual characters, a bit of romance, and a plot with plenty of twists and turns, once again prove that author Marja McGraw is a first class storyteller who can write a book you cannot put down.

--Shirley Kennedy, Author of Heartbreak Trail

…Marja McGraw writes with a light touch guiding the reader into making the discoveries right beside Sandi Webster. Ms. McGraw weaves a story of suspense through two time periods and storylines keeping readers hooked to the last page when the past and present collide into a surprising ending.  Warning: Don’t open this book unless you have time to finish it. You won’t be able to put it down.

            --W.S. Gager, Author of A Case of Accidental Intersection

Bogey Nights
A Bogey Man Mystery

What would you do if you found a skeleton buried in a house that you wanted to turn into a restaurant? In Bogey Nights you’ll learn how Pamela and Chris, who lost their first restaurant in a fire, take on the challenge of finding out the identity of the body they find while renovating the old house. The problem is, more bodies turn up and Pamela’s son’s fascination with the discoveries causes him problems at school. Marja McGraw has created a fascinating mystery with unusual characters, a bit of romance, plenty of twists and turns, and dogs named Watson and Sherlock. What mystery reader could ask for more?

                                               -- Marilyn Meredith, author of An Axe to Grind and other mysteries

~ ~ ~

Marja McGraw leads us into a delightful mystery laced with a combination of intrigue and humor seasoned with a vintage flair. Her characters are fully drawn, and you feel like you know them, or would like to know them...

            This is a well written book that moves along at a speedy but comfortable pace, making you want to leap from chapter to chapter so you can find out what happens next. My kind of book, and I highly recommend it!

                                 -- Morgan St. James, Award Winning Author of the Silver Sisters Mysteries

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