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Death Comes in Threes - A Sandi Webster Mystery and Awkward Moments - A Bogey Man Mystery are now available in both ebook and paperback format. To visit, CLICK HERE, and enjoy your visit.


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The Sandi Webster Mysteries


The Bogey Man Mysteries

From ghost towns to forties-themed restaurants, Sandi Webster and the Bogey Man will give you hours of entertainment. For more information, check out The Books page.

Sandi Webster is a young female P.I. with attitude. She has a partner named Pete and a half wolf/half Golden Retriever dog to round out her life.

Chris and his wife, Pamela, are amateur investigators with an eight
-year-old son and two yellow Labrador retrievers who want in on the action.
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There's absolutely nothing funny about murder, but the same can't be said for solving a crime.  Sandi, Pete, Pamela and Chris will take you places and introduce you to people and situations you'll remember for a long time, and they'll do their best to offer you a smile along the way.

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Book Trailers

To see a Book Trailer of
Bogey's Ace in the Hole, Old Murders Never Die,
and Bogey Nights, please visit The Books page.

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Shelfari has a list of Best of Mystery/Suspense Novels Published by Small Presses (created by Patricia Gligor). CLICK HERE to access the list. I'm excited about it because a few of my books are on the list. Looking for new authors? Check it out and you'll find some great books.

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Updated: January 20, 2014
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